Nadège Beaus­son-Diagne is a french actress and chronicler. She appears on french screen in 2003 in the movie “Podium” where she plays one of the “Bernadettes” of Benoït Poelvoorde. Thanks to her french celebrity she plays in french TV series like “PJ” or “Julie Lescaut”. After that she plays into famous french comedies like “Agathe Cléry” or “Rien à Déclarer”. But that’s in 2009 that Nadège get the role wich will boost her career: the commissioner Sara Douala in the TV serie “Plus Belle la Vie”.  Then TF1 propose her to take the role of the principal in the TV serie “Pep’s”. In 2014, Nadège joign the team of chroniclers of Cyril Hanouna in “Touche pas à mon poste!”. In her private life, Nadège share her life with a musician, Geoffroy Jeff Tekeyan.